369G: Father on Quest to Find Daughter’s Missing Doll

I am hoping you can help me find a picture book. I may have had a copy as a child (or borrowed it from the library), so it was available in the 1960s/70s. 
The story was about a lost doll. A little girl loses her doll and her father goes out into the night in a storm/snowstorm to find it. The story is emotional and there is a sense of danger to his quest. The setting seemed to be an older time, turn of the century maybe. Russia or Eastern Europe?  
The illustrations were beautiful, dark, and very impressionistic. When I see art by Edvard Munch, it reminds me of the book and I wish I remembered the title or author. My mother was a bookseller, so it bothers me even more that I can’t find it.
Here’s hoping someone remembers.

3 thoughts on “369G: Father on Quest to Find Daughter’s Missing Doll

  1. Gill

    I’m not sure this fits the description close enough, however it is a children’s book, Eastern Europe, missing doll in the snow, and roughly right time frame: ‘Marta the Doll’ by Eloise Lownsbery

    1. Raven

      I came here looking for a book of the same description. It IS Amanda Remembers. Thank you thank you!


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