368E: The Witch’s Apprentice (Solved!)

I’m trying to recover an illustrated children’s book from before 2005 or so. It was hardback, with a green cover, I believe. The illustration style was quite unique and lovely, almost Celtic? Lots of green. The main crux of the book was an alchemist/witch and her apprentice who she sends into the woods to gather needed ingredients for a potion or spell. It took place primarily in the forest, and one of the ingredients I remember was a specific type of mushroom. Other tasks involved something in a marsh/swamp, and maybe something about flying creatures? But what I remember most was the alchemist/witch. She had long dark hair. 

2 thoughts on “368E: The Witch’s Apprentice (Solved!)

    1. Iora

      Solved! Juniper wasn’t correct, but it led me down the right path! The image I was thinking of was the cover of Wise Child, and although I knew that it wasn’t the correct book, it was definitely the right art style. The book I was thinking of was “The Porcelain Cat”, illustrated by the same artist as who did the cover art for Juniper. I had quite a few story details wrong, mixed over from Wise Child, I think, but it’s definitely the right book. Thank you for the tip that led me in the right direction!


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