367Z: The Rainy Day

I’m looking for a book that probably came out in the late 70s/early 80s. It was illustrated with primarily line art, orange and yellow colors. A little girl lived with her parents in an apartment (I think?) and had a rainy day. She went outside to play in the rain, came inside for a bath and soup. It is such a simple book but it always comforted me because the family stayed home and made their own fun together. Being a child of divorce, this was foreign to me. I’d dearly love to find it again.

3 thoughts on “367Z: The Rainy Day

  1. Brigit

    Not a perfect match, but could it be My Special Day by Jean Fiedler? The little girl gets to plan her own day, including playing in the rain and jumping in puddles, and taking a bubble bath, while her mother goes about her tasks. At the end, her father comes home from work and they go inside for supper. It’s from 1967, bright colors and midcentury modern style.

  2. Conni Mitkowski

    This book is Rainy Sunday, by Eleanor Schick. I bought it for my children, who are in their 40’s now, and I loved it so much that when I gave away their childhood books, this was one I kept. I still love this little book.


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