367G: Soap soap soap don’t forget the soap (Solved!)

I am looking for a book, it may have been in a compilation book, called Soap Soap Soap, Don’t Forget the Soap. My boyfriend read it as a child in the 1970s. There is a book with the same title that was published in 2003. It is not the same book, but it sounds like the same story. A young boys mother sends him to the store to get soap, and as he tries not to forget the soap, a bunch of things happen to him. The 2003 version says it is an Appalachian Folktale.

5 thoughts on “367G: Soap soap soap don’t forget the soap (Solved!)

  1. Gill

    Perhaps it is “Grandfather tales : American-English folk tales” by Chase, Richard ? Publication date 1976

    Contains a collection of folk tales from North Carolina and Virginia

    Old-Christmas Eve — Gallymanders! Gallymanders! — Wicked John and the devil — Mutsmag — Whitebear Whittington — Outlaw boy — Sody Sallyraytus — Old sow and the three shoats — How Bobtail beat the devil — Old Dry Frye — Catskins — Ashpet — Like meat loves salt — Soap, soap, soap! — Skoonkin huntin’ — Presentneed, Bymeby, and Hereafter — Sam and Sooky — Two old women’s bet — Two lost babes — Only a fair day’s huntin’ — Tall cornstalk — Old Roaney — Old One-Eye — Green gourd — Chunk o’meat

  2. Charles Popham

    Soap soap soap, All but old shorty, Also a story with diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs…
    Many many stories in this book


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