367C: When the Sweets Come Alive

I remember this book from childhood, where on one page there is this bakery where it is either run by a witch or vampire and the treats are alive. Like the devil dog cakes are actual devil dogs with a tail and wings. The lady fingers are actual fingers. It was cute and cartoony and these treats were all in a glass case like a real bakery. It was definitely an elementary book like a beginner book. I must have been reading it in the 1990’s. I can’t recall the overall theme of the book but vividly remember this particular page. I think the overall theme must be fantastical or magical, maybe Halloween but I can’t remember a title or author. Please help me.

2 thoughts on “367C: When the Sweets Come Alive

  1. Amanda

    The premise of an evil bakery made me think of The Heart Custard Pie Panic by Scott Corbett. I don’t remember enough of the ot.to know it’s a good match, but the reading level.wpuld be about right, and I have a vague memory of a picture of a glass bakery case.


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