365I: Zoologist Couple Explore Animals With Son and Daughter

My fourth grade teacher (in about 1971) read to our class a book about a zoologist couple and their two children (a boy and a girl) who went on an expedition together as a family to the Amazon jungle to discover animals. I think for a zoo, but maybe not. Each chapter was about a search for a different kind of animal (like an armadillo) describing its nature and its habits. The children had some thrilling adventures – for example, with a jaguar – from which they were rescued by their parents. It was a series because I remember that there was another book where they went to Africa.

3 thoughts on “365I: Zoologist Couple Explore Animals With Son and Daughter

  1. Gill

    Amazon Adventure by Willard Price

    One parent (John Hunt) and his two sons (Hal and Roger) collecting animals for zoos and conservation.

    Publishing date, and story line fit, including the armadillo and two jaguars.

    Mr Price wrote a whole series about their adventures. They were popular – I still have the books – and remain in print today.

  2. Ann

    Could this be Willard Price: Amazon Adventure? The teenage heroes travel by themselves, collecting animals for their father’s wildlife collection, rather than with their parents; but otherwise it sounds like the plot; and this book was the first in a series,

  3. Rock

    Maybe. The basic outline is right but I don’t remember the book I’m thinking about being quite this exciting and full of adventure. I will pick it up and see if reading it spurs my memory.


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