363B: Bronze Age slave girl saves metal items to purchase her freedom

I checked out this book from my school library when I was in upper elementary, 1971-1973, so the publishing date could be ’50s, ’60s, or early ’70s. I seem to remember a cream colored dust jacket, with black and white illustrations inside that resembled cave drawings. The girl kept her bits of metal under her pillow to keep them safe. I seem to remember a leader wearing a cloak pinned with metal and also wearing a torc around his neck. I don’t remember any psychic abilities or romance in the plot. It’s not “The Cave Twins” or “The Distant Lurs.” (I’ve gone through *most* of the queries until my eyes crossed. 😜) It might have been set in Britain, maybe another European country. She may have saved her owner’s clan by warning them of an imminent attack. And I think she was indeed able to purchase her freedom at the end of the story. Sorry, the details are very fuzzy but I checked the book out several times and loved it. (Probably one of the books that started my love for strong female characters.) Thanks in advance for your help! 

9 thoughts on “363B: Bronze Age slave girl saves metal items to purchase her freedom

  1. Gill

    It might be one of Rosemary Sutcliff’s books. Henry Treece also wrote some historical children’s fiction. Both authors would be likely finds in school libraries.

    I can’t match the storyline though. It might be worth going through these author’s works, to definitely exclude them from further consideration.

      1. Heather Steinmiller

        Darn, neither of these authors were what I’m looking for, although I have long adored Rosemary Sutcliff and own several other of her titles.

  2. Kellly W

    Maybe Deirdre by Madeleine Polland? I don’t really remember it, but that was the first thing that came to mind.

  3. Gill

    I wonder if it might be “The Stone Daggers” by Palle Lauring, pub 1964 ?

    It does have a cream cover. Set in Denmark at the beginning of the Bronze Age. There is a slave girl who wants payment in bronze, however the two main characters are thirteen year old twins: Gerd and Ulv.

    The story concerns slave traders. There are line illustrations in the book.


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