361L: Prince Pip and His Oranges

The first book I ever loaned from a library in Ireland has special meaning to me but I have been unable to find it since. I was about 6/7 years old. All I can remember is that there was a Prince Pip and there were oranges in his kingdom (??).

1 thought on “361L: Prince Pip and His Oranges

    1. Michelle Phelan

      Hi thank you so much for the reply but I don’t think so, I looked it up there and it’s not ringing any bells.

  1. Gill

    How about “The Fwog Pwince” by Kaye Umansky? It has kingdoms, comparisons between kingdoms, and a Prince Pipsqueak.

  2. Michelle Phelan

    Hi thank you but the book would have been published before 1983 at least and The Fwog Pwince was publ in 1991. Appreciate the reply ☺️


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