358U: Book of children’s stories written 1930s-40s

1. No Title (the cover is missing

2. Book is about 100 pages +/-; Chapters are individual stories with a moral such as: Page 17, The Storm, Page 2, The Burglar; Page 71, The Letter to Mama, etc.; also includes black/white photography of animals, children, people, scenes with captions & guessing the “origin” such as “@ Topical” or H.A. Roberts titled “It’s Lots of Fun Helping Daddy” page 64;  or Page 58 Gendreau “Feeding the Horse”;

3. There were at least 1 or 2 others books very similar to the above. Our mom would read a story at nap time or bedtime in the 1940s-1950s; The books we had were soft-back.

1 thought on “358U: Book of children’s stories written 1930s-40s

  1. M Baldwin

    Hi – just to be sure I’m understanding correctly, do you have the book in hand with its missing cover? If so, a complete chapter listing with full author names would be helpful. Maybe we can find a table of contents somewhere to match up with.

  2. Gill

    I think this is very likely to be one of ‘Uncle Arthur’s” story or bedtime story books.

    The author was Arthur Stanley Maxwell, and he wrote over a hundred books, which had the common theme of morality and/or the Bible.

    H A Roberts is indeed occasionally listed as illustrator or photographer, in deep text searches.

    However, I haven’t managed to narrow it down to a particular volume.

    These might be helpful…



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