357O: Scandinavian folk tale collection (Solved!)

I am looking for a book that was a series of short stories or collection of Scandinavian (?) folk tales. It could possibly be classified as young adult but likely for a younger age range (10-14). The usual searches (Norwegian, Swedish, Scandinavian folktales) have not turned up the book, so perhaps it was a collection of general folk/magical themed stories. There were pictures throughout book. They were not in a cartoon style but drawn and I believe one picture showed a cave and/or beach. I only remember these drawings being in black and white. There was at least one story about the sea. The version I had was paperback. Cover art: White background, young girl (face of a young girl). It is was nymph like, or some type of fairy. Very g-rated. There was some green on the cover. It was more modern looking than the usual cover art for Nordic folk tale books, however, an overall flowy feel to the cover. Timing: I received it sometime between 1998-2002. It was likely purchased in Canada at either McNally’s Robinson bookstore or an independent seller.

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  1. Alec

    Could it have been an edition of “East of the Sun, West of the Moon: Old Tales from the North,” illustrated by Kay Nielsen? Some of Nielsen’s illustrations are color, but there have been a hundred years of editions of this book, and some must vary.

  2. L

    Hi, thanks for this. It is unfortunately not it, but it has given me something else to read.
    The art in the book I am looking for was a little less ornate. It could have some of the same stories in it.

  3. Heather Steinmiller

    “Tales From A Finnish Tupa?” by James Cloyd Bowman or “Nordic Tales” by Ulla Thynell? Both are available on Amazon.

  4. L


    Thanks, Heather. Unfortunately, that is not it. Every once and a while I take another look. I have tried branching out to Celtic myths and focusing on the new age part …. after writing that I went back to cycling through more search terms, I found it! Thank you Heather, I hope one day you come back to this post.



    Fairy Tales for the New Age – Arlene Williams


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