349M: The Empty Valley Mystery

All I remember about this book is that a group of kids (who were maybe related. There were two brothers?) ended up in this absolutely empty valley - there was a plane involved. And they explore this valley - find a cave to live in. And at some point they solve a mystery - a chicken is involved - and they find gold. And then get rescued. This was is the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew genre. All I remember about the cover is that it had a numeral of sorts on it. Also, in another book in the same series one of the brothers finds a rare bird - a great auk or something.

3 thoughts on “349M: The Empty Valley Mystery

  1. Rebecca H

    Could be The Valley of Adventure, one of a series by Enid Blyton. Two sibling pairs get on the wrong plane by mistake and end up stranded in the valley with enemy agents.

  2. Susan

    Possibly the Secret Circle Mysteries? A 10 book series, published between 1962 and 1965. Mystery of Monster Lake has a gold discovery, and Valley of the Vanishing Birds a crane rescue. Google it, and see if the cover art looks familiar!

  3. Natalie Ford

    Definitely sounds like Enid Blyton Valley of Adventure. An earlier adventure has someone saying they thought they’d discovered a Great Auk. Also they hide in a cave behind a waterfall at one point.


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