346R: Medieval prince feigning illness (Solved!)

Looking for a children’s picture book from the 1970s. It was about a prince trying to get out of something. He draws red spots on his face to pretend to be ill. It’s set in medieval times, as he wore tights and those pointy slippers/shoes that turn up at the ends. That illustration or the cover was purple. Hardcover, portrait and about 8x10” or letter size. Might be British.

2 thoughts on “346R: Medieval prince feigning illness (Solved!)

  1. Lenona

    Oooh, that has to be The King’s Wish, by Benjamin Elkin, 1960! Except there are three brothers/princes, all in their teen years. It’s a Beginner Book. There are two other stories in the book. All three involve the princes’ father, the King. See the Solved Mysteries page, under King’s Wish and Other Stories. It’s one of those fondly remembered books that somehow went out of print. The illustrator also worked on the Encyclopedia Brown series.


  2. Belinda

    !!! That’s it. I can’t tell you how happy I am. The person who was looking for it on the solved page is from the same city as me in Canada. Thank you!!


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