343N: SCI FI YA book about female doctor on hot dry planet

Any help would be hella appreciated!!!! I read this book a long time ago and would love to read it again! What I remember: it’s on a different planet that is very very hot and dry and there is a female doctor and a delivery person (that I think delivered medicine). The delivery person is pretending to be a boy because of how the planet treats women. The woman doctor can’t get in a car without her husband and has to practice medicine wearing a veil. The delivery person and her fall in love and breaks the law somehow. The doctor is executed by being put in a pit during a hot day The final scene is all these woman protesting by tearing off their veils in broad daylight.
Again, I appreciate any help!!!!!

2 thoughts on “343N: SCI FI YA book about female doctor on hot dry planet

  1. Lucy Kemnitzer

    It’s called “The Terrorists of Irustan” and it’s by Louise Marley. Powell’s says this:

    Trade Paperback
    Publication date:

    But that is not the first publication date, it’s a reissue.

  2. Lucy Kemnitzer

    My comment disappeared without a moderator’s notice, so I hope I’m not repeating. It’s “The Terrorists of Irustan,” by Louise Marley.


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