343L: Boyfriend Sleeps in Snow on Cold Night to Prove Love (Solved!)

I have searching for this book for a while. It is something I read in middle school. I’m 36 years old. The book was about a high school girl that was dating her brother’s best friend. It takes place in a state in the US where it snows and some or all of the book takes place during winter. I remember there was a window seat where she drank hot chocolate and looked out and saw him in the front yard. There was also a scene where they got into a fight and to prove himself to her he built himself a place to sleep in the snow in her front yard. I remember the Mom remarking that it was cold out there. Unfortunately I don’t remember the title or author or names of the main characters but I remember the book being well written and very age appropriate for middle school and early high school. I hope you can figure it out!! I would love to grab a copy for my home library. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “343L: Boyfriend Sleeps in Snow on Cold Night to Prove Love (Solved!)

  1. Laura Bailey

    Oh my gosh, that’s it!!! As soon as I saw the title you posted Kate, it rang a bell. Thank you so much! I loved that book and I’m so glad I can get a copy now. Thanks also to the crew at Loganberry books. So awesome!

  2. Laura Bailey

    Oh my goodness!! That’s it!! I can’t believe you guys figured it out on the first try. That is so awesome. As soon as I read the title, it rang a bell. Thank you!!


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