119B: Highway Wants a Vacation Too (solved)

I am looking for one of my childhood favorites from the 80s possibly 90s. It’s a picture book about a highway that always takes a family to the city (I think) for their summer vacation. One summer the highway decides to take them to the beach because the highway wants a vacation. The pictures that stand out in my mind are of a road twisting and turning, bumping a family to the beach. The road ends up in the waves of the ocean at a crowded beach. I feel like the title is something like Highway 101 Goes to the Ocean.


3 thoughts on “119B: Highway Wants a Vacation Too (solved)

  1. chanda

    This sounds like The Runaway Road by Stan Mack. The Puddle family packs up their car to go to the mountains for their annual vacation, but Route 100 has other ideas. The road takes them for quite a trip before they finally end up at the beach.


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