326E: Planetary Creature Encyclopedia

I had an amazing book when I was a kid that I haven’t seen for decades. I was born in 1973, so it would have been published sometime in the 70s or early 80s. It was a large, slim encyclopedia- or reference-style book, but it was about all of the planets and what each of their creatures would look like based on the physics, chemistry, and gravity of the planets. It was very colorful and there were wonderful renderings of all of the would-be creatures. I believe it also listed what these creatures’ habits, diet, lifestyle, etc. would be like as well.

I hope you can help me find out what it is!

2 thoughts on “326E: Planetary Creature Encyclopedia

  1. Karl Yoder

    Wow, hadn’t thought about that book for years! When I read this post, I could only remember the name of one creature, the “Oucher-Poucher” that lived on Venus and had to keep hopping around 🙂 From googling that, I think the book is the “Picture Atlas of our Universe” by Roy Galant and published by National Geographic. See some more info here – hope this is the one you were looking for! http://www.gamingsteve.com/blab/index.php?topic=13687.0

  2. Karl Yoder

    I think you’re looking for the National Geographic Picture Atlas Of Our Universe?

    I remembered reading about the Oucher-Pouchers when I saw your post – that’s stayed with me for 35 years 🙂

    ISBN is 079222731X


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