317U: Richard Scarry Treehouse Scene

My son had a favorite Richard Scarry book from the 1970’s. I think I purchased it at a ToysRUs store around 1978 or 1979. His favorite illustration was a two page illustration of a very detailed treehouse with all the items labeled, as the author did so well. There was a kitten in a basket being hoisted up to the treehouse. The image may have been an end cap of the book. I don’t remember which of the Scarry titles it was but it was one of the hardcover oversized books. I have been searching in vain for about four years now. If I at least knew the title of the book, it would make it a bit easier to find an old copy some day.

2 thoughts on “317U: Richard Scarry Treehouse Scene

  1. sandi cressler

    I’ve looked at several different editions of Best Word Book Ever (older editions as well as the more recent ones) and not found that particular illustration. Thanks for the suggestion… I kind of feel like that is the book only one from the late 70’s….


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