282B: Girl tired of toys

My friend read this storybook during her childhood in the early 1970s. She remembers it was about a little girl who was tired of her toys and ruins them all. She somehow ends up with either a boy or a bear who becomes her new toy. She forces the boy or bear to do what she wants, including playing maid and brushing her hair. The boy or bear eventually gets tired of this and throws the spoiled girl out in the snow.

Thanks so much! If there is anything else I can provide, do please let me know.

4 thoughts on “282B: Girl tired of toys

  1. celeste

    Two guesses:
    Macaroon by Julia Cunningham. A raccoon decides to spend the winter in a child’s warm home–a disagreeable child, so that his departure in the spring will not be regretted–but he selects such a nasty, spoiled little girl he can’t help trying to reform her. http://www.jenselk.com/reviews/julia-cunninghams-macaroon-a-racoon-for-all-seasons

    Candy Floss by Rumer Godden. A doll named Candy Floss is very happy serving as Jack’s lucky charm at his stall at the fair, until a spoiled rich girl steals her. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1149629.Candy_Floss

  2. BlueMpls

    Thanks for the guesses, but neither of those are it. She remembers there only being two characters, the girl and the boy (or bear), and there was definitely not a raccoon, doll, or fair involved. Those do, however, sound like books that we need to find just to explore. I appreciate your suggestions!


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