262I: World recovers from dystopian event

It was a book I read in the 80s about a boy or a boy and girl who lived in a bubble/bunker or enclosed community because the world had been destroyed by pollution or a nuclear war. They eventually find their way out and find the world recovered and beautiful.

7 thoughts on “262I: World recovers from dystopian event

    1. Elisa Rasmussen

      Eek! I just found out about this site, and I’ve been reading through the posts to see if anyone mentioned a book I remembered from elementary school (nearly 40 years ago.) This is it! Thank you!!

  1. Laura

    I believe I remember this book too. I think both of their families were missing, and their parents left them clues. I think there were keys left by the parents (possibly Greek keys) which fit into the bunker’s door once they found it. Didn’t they find their families in the bunker and then enter suspended animation until the earth healed itself? I would also be interested in the title of this book if anyone remembers it. I think it could have been published in the 1970’s.

  2. Laura

    Actually, I believe I found the title in one of the other posts. Frank Bonham’s Missing Persons League, Hopefully this is the one the original poster is looking for as well.

  3. Heather Zabrowski

    I stumbled upon your post because I am looking for something similar.

    The main character is a female(I think) and she lives in an underground/contained type of village where she thinks that is the whole world, but she discovers that people are actually watching her through two-way mirrors and things.
    I have been looking for this book for forever!


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