255A: Rob Roy and Puss the Cat

My favorite story in the 1950’s. I remember it as “Rob Roy & Puss the Cat.” Story of a boy (Rob Roy?) and a cat (Puss The Cat?) who eat the alphabet (Because they are so poor?) May be a story within a collection of stories.

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  1. Stephen Solar

    I remember a story like this, too, and it was in a collection of stories, a book that my mother owned while growing up, and I had it when I was young. It also had stories in it such as ones about fairies, I remember one about a fairy child stuck on top of a flower bloom, visited by a spider, another story about an imp that wandered into a gathering of angels. It had a grey checkerboard cover with different pictures of some of the different characters in the book. If you have found it since posting, I would really appreciate knowing what it is and where I could possibly find it. Thank you.


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