233G: Prudence and Plum

Children’s book, I read this in the 60’s probably. The main characters were two young orphaned sisters called Prudence and Plum. It was a thick book. Don’t remember much about it except it was recommended to me as a child by a kind librarian who let me borrow it from a back room stack of books about to be discarded.

5 thoughts on “233G: Prudence and Plum

  1. Ann

    Are you sure that it was Prudence and Plum, not Nancy and Plum? There is a book called ‘Nancy and Plum’ by Betty Macdonald, which otherwise fits your description.

  2. carole eaves

    its definitely Nancy and Plum, but my question is: was there another book called Nancy and Plum and the new shoes? where the girls made cardboard insoles for their worn out shoes to enable them to walk, I’m glad its being republished, i read it mid 60’s and would happily re read today

    1. Jill

      No, but in “Nancy and Plum,” their shoes are so worn out that the farmer’s wife makes inserts for them out of cardboard.

  3. Emma

    Hello, Is Prudence a character in Nancy and Plumb? My teacher in the 60’s read a book which she called “Prudence & Plumb”. I have been searching for it.


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