181E: Child’s Book Featuring the Miami Dolphins Football

I am looking for a book that a friend read when he was younger. Below is the only details I have:

1) Children’s Book purchased through a “scholastic” type of club
2) It’s about football, more specific has information about the Miami Dolphin’s Football Team
3) He was probably reading it between 1970-1975
4) I thought he mentioned something about the title having numbers in it – like One, Two, Three Kick or something like that.
5) He spent his childhood in Canada but the book definitely includes information about the Miami Dolphins’ Football team because he became a fan of the team because of the book.
Hopefully I haven’t stumped you because I would really like to find this book. I realize you don’t have a lot to go on.


1 thought on “181E: Child’s Book Featuring the Miami Dolphins Football

  1. Mary/skippercollector

    Griese / Csonka: The Miami Dolphins’ One-Two Punch, by Lou Sahadi, copyright 1973. It is Scholastic’s TK 2452.


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