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We’ve been scheming about a redesigned, sleeker website for over a year now.  But we didn’t just fantasize about it, we worked on it, too, and we hired a web designer to help us out.  The new site wins in four major regards:

  • it is updated with a bright new design and with older, stray pages finally laid to rest
  • Google calendars synchronizes our events by date and category
  • it is easy for anyone on staff to edit pages, and will resist the random insertion of “junk code” that we experienced with every cut-and-paste of the past
  • it is screen size responsive, so you can read it on your mobile, too

There are still some things to be worked on in the months to come, namely

  • getting this blog and the Stump the Bookseller blog to conform to the same style
  • listing catalogs of inventory for sale via Timber (which makes our Booklog catalog web-accessible), as well as online consortiums like ABE, and perhaps even Etsy
  • better Stump the Bookseller archives, with a pie-in-the-sky dream of a searchable database by categories and keywords

Much accomplished, much to go.  It amazes me how little slow steps eventually add up to a mile or a marathon.  All this while running the shop, dealing with the mountains of incoming, and planning for events in the near future, too.  We are grateful for your patience, and hope to bring more interesting author pages, editorials, and catalogs in the near future.  Kudos and thanks to Josh Brown for the web design, and Rob Logan for the web hosting expertise.

Launch is 9pm tonight!  Do let us know if you experience technical difficulties, and I hope you like it!

About Harriett

Harriett started Loganberry Books in 1994, acknowledging that what she liked best about perpetual school was the physical objects called books. Her personal biblio interests range from Robert Lawson to Virginia Woolf and various and asundry illustrated editions of Alice in Wonderland and old lepidoptera.
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