New Episode of Lines from Loganberry’s Local Voices “Intellect and Inspiration” Series, with Louise Prochaska

Now live! Tune in to our podcast “Lines from Loganberry” for our second episode in the “Intellect and Inspiration” series to hear Local Voices manager Miesha Headen interview Prof. Louise Prochaska, a 1964 graduate of Notre Dame and professor of theology and women’s studies at the College, and author of “Ten Keys to a Happier Life: Unlocking the Riches in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Ancient Religious Wisdom.” She has uncovered ten practices based in scientific evidence and religious teachings that help students of all ages live happier, healthier lives. 

In the interactive workbook, Prochaska has distilled 20 years of study on brain activity and research of individual and social well-being and connected the science with age-old spiritual insight to create common practices that promote positive feelings. She presents the ten components in a weekly journal of reflections and activities that lead to regular routines that free people from stress and anxiety. “This just seems to touch a real nerve and a real need,” Prochaska said. “I just feel happier talking about it, too.”

You can find Prochaska’s workbook here:

Louise also recommends the following books which can be purchased from our affiliate page on

We created the Intellect and Inspiration series to aid, engage, and motivate our listeners during these challenging times through the thought-provoking work of a local author. We hope you enjoy!

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