Middle Grade Kids Stand Up for Themselves

These two upcoming novels for Middle Grade readers are amazing examples of how kids can fight for justice!

The first book I would like to talk about is called Free Period by Ali Terese. Two goofy prankster friends broke the final straw with the principal, who assigns them to a group whose goal is to make the school better – run by their enemy! Right away, they latch onto the fact that there are no period products supplied in the school bathrooms, and undergo a campaign, with various results (and more pranks). Can they team up with the rest of the group members to change the school board’s mind? Read and find out! (Out 3/5/24)

Another good book, especially for those who like a sci-fi flavor. Paige is autistic and finds out by snooping in her dad’s e-mail that she has a brain implant that is supposed to help with her symptoms. She is horrified at the lack of privacy, and goes out to find the other kids with an implant. The company involved wants to put out implants for everybody, and the kids are determined to stop them at all cost. Can they beat the adults at their own game? (Out 4/16/24)

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