Local Voices “Intellect and Inspiration” Series on Lines from Loganberry, first episode with Dr. Kalra

Hello, everyone! Tonight on our podcast Lines from Loganberry, Local Voices manager Miesha Headen interviews Dr. Ankur Kalra, who is an interventional cardiologist and clinical researcher at the Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital. His collection of poetry, titled “Ibadah: When love transforms into transcendence, life transforms into servitude,” is a tribute to his spirituality as well as his experiences treating patients’ hearts. The poems bridge feelings of heartache, loss, and beguilement to the concepts of reincarnation and transcending finite pain in order to grow. 

His collection is available at Loganberry here: https://store.loganberrybooks.com/ibadah-when-love-transforms-i.

He also recommends the following books that align with spirituality, wholeness, and gratitude: 

The episode is live now! We created the Intellect and Inspiration series to aid, engage, and motivate our listeners during these challenging times through the thought-provoking work by a local author. We hope you enjoy!

You can listen below via Spotify, or through Anchor.

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