Larchmere Festival

It’s busy time around here, getting ready for our annual Larchmere Festival.  I started organizing this event 7 years ago, and it seems to keep growing.  We have new volunteers this year (extra special thanks to Susan Rozman of Fiddlehead Gallery), and things keep getting better.  Bazaar Bizarre is joining us again, we have a food court with mobile food trucks, free bicycle parking, Passport Project dance, Morgan Conservatory paper making, music, t’ai chi, the Beat the Chess Master competition, and 50 authors joining us here at Loganberry for our annual Author Alley. Yikes.  I keep doing table counts to make sure we have enough.

Sure do hope to see everyone for the Festival!  Now, to go look at my lists again…

About Harriett

Harriett started Loganberry Books in 1994, acknowledging that what she liked best about perpetual school was the physical objects called books. Her personal biblio interests range from Robert Lawson to Virginia Woolf and various and asundry illustrated editions of Alice in Wonderland and old lepidoptera.
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