Erskine Caldwell

Here is a mighty fine Erskine Caldwell collection, mostly first editions, for sale as a collection or individually.  Separate photos are available on request, as well as further bibliographic information.  The titles and prices are listed below, all first editions unless otherwise stated.

A bit about the author, from Wikipedia:

Erskine Preston Caldwell’s (1903 – 1987) first and second published works were The Bastard (1929) and Poor Fool (1930) but the works for which he is most famous are his novels Tobacco Road (1932) and God’s Little Acre (1933).

When his first book was published, it was banned and copies were seized by authorities. Later, with the publication of God’s Little Acre, authorities, at the instigation of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice (apparently incensed at Caldwell’s choice of title), arrested Caldwell and seized his copies when he went to New York for a book-signing event. A trial exonerated Caldwell, and he counter-sued for false arrest and malicious prosecution.

Through the 1930s, Caldwell and his wife Helen managed a bookstore in Maine. Caldwell was later married to photographer Margaret Bourke-White from 1939 to 1942, and they collaborated on three photo-documentaries: You Have Seen Their Faces (1937), North of the Danube (1939), and Say, Is This The USA (1941).

A collection of Erskine Caldwell books

A collection of Erskine Caldwell books


  • ALL NIGHT LONG, 1st Book League Edition, VG/G+   $30
  • AMERICAN EARTH,  Scribner’s 1st Printing, F/VG   $160
  • CALL IT EXPERIENCE, 1st Duell, VG/VG   $25
  • CERTAIN WOMEN, 1st Little Brown, VG/VG   $25
  • CLAUDELLE INGLISH, 1ST Little, Brown, VG/VG   $25
  • CLOSE TO HOME, 1st Farrar, F/VG   $18
  • THE COURTING OF SUSIE BROWN, 1st Duell, F/VG+   $35
  • A DAY’S WOOING and Other Stories, Grosset, VG/VG   $15
  • ERSKINE CALDWELL STORIES, 1949 Pocket Book, VG    $6
  • GEORGIA BOY,  1st Duell, F/VG   $35
  • GOD’S LITTLE ACRE, 1st Viking, VG/G+   $295
  • GRETTA, 1st Little Brown, VG/VG   $25
  • GULF COAST STORIES, 1st Little Brown, F/VG   $75
  • HOUSE IN THE UPLANDS, 1st Duell, VG/VG   $30
  • JACKPOT, 1st Duell, VG/G+   $55
  • JENNY BY NATURE, 1st Farrar, VG/VG   $25
  • KNEEL TO THE RISING SUN and Other Stories, 1st Viking, VG/VG   $35
  • JOURNEYMAN, 1st Viking Limited Edition, slipcase, F/VG   $45
  • A LAMP FOR NIGHTFALL, 1st Duell/Little Brown, VG/G   $30
  • THE LAST NIGHT OF SUMMER, 1st Farrar, no dj, VG   $18
  • LOVE AND MONEY, 1st Duell/Viking, G/G   $40
  • Another copy, VG/G   $35
  • LOVE AND MONEY, Signet, VGd   $6
  • MISS MAMA AIMEE, 1st New American Library, F/VG   $35
  • POOR FOOL, 1ST Rariora Press limited edition, illus., no dj, VG   $95
  • STORIES by Erskine Caldwell, 1st Duell, F/VG   $40
  • STORIES OF LIFE NORTH & SOUTH, 1st Dodd, F/F   $15
  • THE SACRILEGE OF ALAN KENT, illus Frizzell, 1st Falmouth Book House, G   $15
  • SUMMERTIME ISLAND,  1st World, VG/VG   $35
  • THE SURE HAND OF GOD, Grosset reprint, VG/VG   $15
  • THIS VERY EARTH, 1st Duell, F/VG   $30
  • TOBACCO ROAD, Grosset reprint, no dj, VG   $15
  • TOBACCO ROAD, Modern Library reprint, F/F   $25
  • TOBACCO ROAD, Signet, VG   $6
  • TRAGIC GROUND, Signet, VG   $6
  • TROUBLE IN JULY, 1st Duell, VG/VG   $250
  • WE THE LIVING, 1st Viking, no dj, VG-   $18
  • WHEN YOU THINK OF ME, 1st Little, Brown, XL, VG/G   $12
  • YOU HAVE SEEN THEIR FACES, 1st Viking, illus. Margaret Bourke-White, 1937, INSCRIBED by photographer Bourke-White, no dj, VG   $595
  • And an additional volume, written and photographed and INSCRIBED by Margaret Bourke-White  —  SHOOTING THE RUSSIAN WAR, 1st Simon, VG   $65


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