Dietland by Sarai Walker

Dietland by Sara Walker

Dietland by Sara Walker Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, May 26, 2015

Who has ever read a fashion magazine, contemplated a diet, bought a lipstick? This book is for you! The heroine is Plum, not yet 30 but already a veteran of the fight to measure up to body images popularized in contemporary culture. Her book is funny but wise, a romp through the opposing worlds of a media-hyped lifestyle industry and feminist-inspired war against violence and pornography. Plum writes answers to questions emailed by readers to Kitty, the publisher of a magazine for teens. She grew up in Los Angeles, went to college in VT, lives in Brooklyn, and dreads monthly visits to the glitzy Manhattan headquarters of the media empire that employs her. Strange encounters lead her to stranger discoveries in the basement of this corporate skyscraper. Mystery, danger, drama, pathos, absurdity, enlightenment follow. Whether enjoyed as a diversion while walking a treadmill or devoured while propped in a recliner, this book will deliver great pleasure, many laughs, and satisfying insights. I loved it!

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  1. You made Dietland sound like such a fun book! – I am going out to buy it – I live near Houston, Texas, otherwise I’d come to your store. Thank you for posting!

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