Child Imaginary Creatures Contest Winner

We had a great selection of entries from our April creative writing contest. Enjoy our favorite story from the children’s category. Congratulations to Eleanor Lindsay!

The One and Only Fire Unicorn

By Eleanor Lindsay

Once there was a fire unicorn and she was peacefully eating berries and then she laid down for a nap. And then hunters came and they went to hunt and found her sleeping and she was only a baby so her parents were with her. They saw the hunters and they shot the unicorns with a tranquilizer gun. And one of the hunters grabbed the unicorn but the parents scared the hunters away with their fire. When they ran away, they noticed that the hunters took away their daughter and they were very upset. They tried to rescue them but they didn’t know which way the hunters were going.

They put them in a cage in a scientist’s home where they discover unknown animals. The next day, when the baby woke up, she expected her parents to be cuddling her but she saw a hunter looking at her and a scientist staring at her and she was shocked! She closed her eyes and covered them and laid back down. A couple of hours later it was lunchtime and she was starving but she was very tired. The hunters came over, and the scientist, and asked what she wanted to eat. She roared and made magical sounds and made horse sounds and she blew fire and it almost made her escape. And then the hunters and scientists said maybe she wants something roasted. Maybe since she lives in the wild, she likes wild things. Maybe she wants roasted berries? The unicorn was magical so she could understand what humans say. She nodded and laid back down. The hunters and the scientists smiled at each other and got berries and put them in the oven for a few minutes.

When it was done, they fed them to the baby that was starving. She ate them quickly and laid back down and smiled. And then at supper, she was not hungry because she ate a late lunch. Then she laid back down and she was very tired but she didn’t have any exercise or lessons on how to fly or do magic. So she tried to get out of the cage but she was also very tired. And then she was so tired, she drifted off to sleep very fast. The next morning, she was so tired of being in the cage, but it was only for a day and a half. So she used her fire powers and magic how her mother and father taught her and she breathed as hard as she could to get out of the cage. It was very hard but she did it and she ran around and made messes in the scientist’s room. And she felt a little bad but she also didn’t care anymore. She just kept making messes and then she did some magics her mother and father taught her so she could clean up the messes before the scientist and the hunters came back. Then she ran around for her exercise but she tried not to make a mess again so she wouldn’t have to clean it up with her magic. And then she burned the door down and she used her magic to fix it and then she made her way out by burning everything and that time she didn’t fix it. And afterwards, she had a little more fun with making a huge fireball and blowing up the whole place.

The hunters and scientists came back with bags under their eyes because they were so tired. When the got out of their vehicles, they looked at their place in shock! They covered their eyes and left and the whole way they thought, “How did this happen?” So the baby unicorn happily ran around, looking for her parents. But she only found the woods but she got bored of the woods because she was living there for a lot of years. So she walked around and looked around the city and found a berry shop and while the man that was selling it wasn’t looking, she grabbed the berries with her teeth and ran. She tried not to swallow them but her mouth was watering with hunger. Then she ran to the pizza place and busted the door down and then she ran to the oven. All the people there and the people who worked there were shocked.

She ran to the oven and put the berries in, pressed random numbers, but somehow they were right. She waited and waited and she used her mouth to open the oven. She laid down on one of the customers’ tables and ate the berries calmly and she didn’t shnarf so they wouldn’t think she was a Shnarf McGee. When she was done with the berries, she left the place and looked around some more and then she went to the mall. It had lots of fluffy cushions and laid down on one of those. She was very relaxed. She ran around after the store was closed, made a little bit of mess, burned some things down (but not the whole place), and stole some things she thought would be interesting. Like teddy bears, dolls, balls, blankets, cushions. Everything a unicorn needs that a human has. The next day she ran to the woods and found her parents. They had a great day together and brought a cushion that was so big everyone in the unicorn family could fit on it. They couldn’t wait for another adventure tomorrow and they happily slept and dreamed some awesome dreams.

The end.

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