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352E: Pig has fun at amusement park (Solved!)

This is a 80s/90s picture book with no words or few words. A female pig runs wild at an amusement park, it could be a department store rather than an amusement park, trying on hats and eating lots of ice creams and rides the rides and possibly gets chased by a policeman (for having no money to pay for ice-cream?) before finding true love with a wild boar and having several piglets at the end of the book.

345V: Elementary school reader – Pigs trying to sell their house

Hi! I'm trying to find a school book from the late '60's or very early 70's. Probably a second grade reader but I'm not certain. It has multiple stories and the one I remember is about a married couple of pigs trying to sell their house. Each animal that comes to look at it suggests something they would like changed about the house. The pigs change each thing and by the end of the story they don't want to sell their house anymore. Does anyone remember this book? It was read with the classic Dick and Jane books for sure.

344A: Girl With Big Family Discovers Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I do not know the title of the children’s book I’m looking for.
All I know is that the book is about, I believe, a little girl (not sure if real girl or animal girl).  I want to say it may be a mouse family or pig family, but either way she has a big family and she tries to take a bath but someone is in the bath, then she tries to read in her reading spot, which is a big rock outside but someone is on it.  Then her family either moves or leaves for the day and she is left alone in the house which at first she enjoys as she takes a bath by herself and reads in her favorite reading spot.  But pretty soon she realizes that the house is empty and she is lonely.  Eventually, her whole family returns home or comes back to get her and she’s happy again.  I thought the name of the protagonist was Petunia or something similar to that, but I couldn’t find it when I searched.

224H: Stone Soup

The title is Stone Soup. I don’t know the author or year, but the main characters were pigs instead of humans and I think all the townspeople were various other animals but I’m not sure. I believe the background of the cover was light blue and there was a picture of the pigs on front. Also, it was hardcover. I read this book probably in 1985-1986, but I don’t know when it was actually published.