374N: Popular girl goes missing

This is a novel that takes place in the small-town south, this is narrated by an adolescent (possibly pre-adolescent — think Scout Finch with more swear words) about a girl (older than the narrator  — teens, maybe 20s) disappears. The missing girl was quite beautiful and alluring, and had talk-of-the-town charisma. 
I am almost 100% sure the missing girl’s name is in the title, but I can’t remember that name. 
More rando detail: someone’s house that the narrator goes to (and, I believe, the missing girl worked at) is messy, like the person who lives there is a hoarder of sorts. 
Also, it’s speculated that the missing girl has just left (no foul play) because her aspirations expanded outside the confines of this backwater town where the novel is set. 

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