366N: Riding the Ponies Across the Moors (Solved!)

I was born 1968. Sometime around 1978 I read a story about some kids who set out on adventures on their “ponies” and they would stop and camp in the woods and eat “tinned“ food. I believe it had a very UK British feel. They would talk about riding on the “moors” and through forests.
It is possible they were trying to solve a mystery, or just narrating their experiences along the way as they traveled to an ultimate destination- like maybe a beach or shore as on a summer adventure.

I will stop here because I do not want to confuse this with another story in my head.

I think this book might have been a hard cover, about an inch thick, with black paper on the cover inside the dust jacket, and MIGHT have had gold lettering embossed “ONYX” on the cover. MIGHT CONTAIN “nebula” That description might also pertain to a different book but, that is why I am here. They seemed to make a big deal about calling the horses ponies and they all seemed very independent to be traveling without adults. Approx character age 10-15?
I read the story when I was about 10 years old, around 1978, so there’s no telling how much older the story actually is?

I’d really like to get another copy of the story of those children traveling with and riding their ponies, camping or resting while eating food from tins and parcels, and traveling across the moors and forests to get to…?

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  1. Melissa

    I think you might be thinking of ‘The far distant Oxus’ which was written by Katherine Hall and Pamela Whitlock when they were still teenagers themselves. It was actually written in 1937 but was republished many times – I have an Armada Lions version from the 1970s.

    The three Hunterly children are staying at Cloud farm in Exmoor (their parents are overseas) and they meet the Clevertons, who like them are pony-mad and the book chronicles their summer adventures.
    There are two sequels – Escape to Persia and The Oxus in summer.

  2. Valorie Spencer

    Nailed it!
    Best little fee I ever spent. Thank you!
    I can’t believe you figured it out from that tiny bit of description. Wow!


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