366E: Girl Trapped in Cistern

Sometime in the period 1984-1988, when I was a child, my summer reading subscription (Weekly Reader?) sent me a novel about a girl who lives alone with her mother in a country house. One hot summer day she escapes her chores in the cellar where there is an old-fashioned cistern (unlidded concrete cylinder built into the floor). She climbs it to lie on the rim, but then falls in and remains trapped for hours because her yelling is unheard by her mother vacuuming two floors above. That’s all I remember!

1 thought on “366E: Girl Trapped in Cistern

  1. Andrew

    This was a paperback with a remarkably earth-toned cover (ochre, terra cotta, etc) and unremarkable dimensions (approx 5 x 8 x 5/8″). The setting may have been rural Idaho. There was a drought that summer and the cistern was dry.


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