365W: 1970s(?) book about kid spies

I am looking for a book that is a children/tween/teen book from the 60’s or 70’s (I borrowed it from the Bookmobile in the very early 80’s) about 3 or 4 teenagers who fly a glider and get involved in a spy plot where an organization (maybe called Chaos or similar acronym) with a plan to put a memory drug into the water supply. Originally they are set astray by misinformation that it is going into the milk supply. I think one boy is super athletic and one is the brainy one. There is one part where they fly the glider over a compound and later break in. It is guarded by a lion that has been fed the drug and doesn’t attack them but is reliving a memory. It turns out the parents of one of the kids are actually spies and assist them in the end.

2 thoughts on “365W: 1970s(?) book about kid spies

  1. KellyW

    It could be Secret Agents Four by Donald Sobol. The other possibility is a series called Christopher Cool, TEEN Agent. (Based on the CHAOS bad spy clue)

  2. Charlotte (MotherOwl)

    A bit of googling brought up: Secret Agents Four by Donald J. Sobol It is later than what you remember, but check it out anyhow. Everyting else fits. Cobra (not Chaos), a lion, flying, a Memory drug, a water reservoir first thought to be milk, and a spy dad.


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