362E: Wandering Through the Nursery Rhymes (Solved!)

I’m looking for a children’s book that my partner used to have 30 years ago – she possibly even got it from her mother.
It’s a story that follows a boy on a journey through nursery rhymes – he goes on a walk and meets various nursery rhyme characters on the way. She can definitely remember him meeting Humpty Dumpty and she remembers at some point the boy visits a petrol station. The book is very well illustrated apparently and she thinks the cover may have been green but she’s not 100 percent certain on that.

3 thoughts on “362E: Wandering Through the Nursery Rhymes (Solved!)

  1. Louise

    This is my first visit to this website so i hope I’m using it properly – this sounds a bit like Gumdrop’s Magic Journey by Val Biro. I don’t think he meets Humpty Dumpty but lots of fairy tale characters, and there is a magic petrol station!

  2. Louise

    Hello, I tried to leave a reply yesterday about this but I can’t see my comment – don’t know if it’s awaiting moderation? Anyway I believe this could be Gumdrop’s Magic Journey by Val Biro. It definitely features a magic petrol station, although not Humpty Dumpty specifically but many other fairy tale characters (not nursery rhymes).


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