361V: The Ungrateful Princess (Solved!)

I don’t remember the name or author. I had this book as a child in the late 90s-early 2000s but it could be older. It had really beautiful illustrations with a cut paper kind of vibe? It was about a spoiled, selfish girl, maybe a princess. She drained all the water from a fountain and killed all the fish. And there was some kind of ceremony to find her a husband but she rejected all the gifts and was rude and she was sent away. She found a unicorn in a thorn bush and rescued him even though she got pricked by the thorns and tore her dress to bandage the unicorn’s leg and then she learned her lesson about being a jerk.

2 thoughts on “361V: The Ungrateful Princess (Solved!)

  1. Eddy

    Hey I posted this ages ago but I found the answer because my parents still HAD THE BOOK!! It’s The Singing Ringing Tree by Louise Brierley


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