361F: Was Magical Prudence Really There At All?

Looking for a young adult book involving a skinny girl with long dark hair named Prudence who is possibly befriended by main girl character. At first I thought they were sisters but not sure. She might have mysteriously moved in to empty town haunted house. Don’t remember her having mother or if did was absent or witch. Remember big hill and snow with kids being out of school – Prudence might have made it magically snow to get them as friends/stop picking on her. Then think she just up and left one day and it was wondered if she was actually ever there at all. Don’t know if she was school aged/ever went to school

2 thoughts on “361F: Was Magical Prudence Really There At All?

  1. Meg

    This is a long shot, but it sound a bit like Who Is Victoria? (1973, Betty Irwin). If you’re sure of your details then this is not it.

    Victoria has long dark hair and comes and goes mysteriously in a small town, and does things that seem semi-impossible but are sort of explainable. It takes place in summer, but the main characters sled down a big hill of dried grass.

    In the end there is some speculation that Victoria was the spirit of the elderly librarian, set loose to relive her girlhood when the librarian is unconscious. But there is never proof of whether Victoria was a real girl or not.


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