360R: I hate the dope that thought up soap

When I was a child in the late 90’s there was a book of I think children’s rhymes in my grandmother’s house in North Carolina that she used to read to me. I think it was already an old book at that time, possibly from her years as a teacher or from my father’s childhood.   It had the phrase “I hate the dope who thought up soap.” And something like “I wish he’d eat it!”   Something along those lines. I’ve googled this phrase and found only the books by Megan McDonald, but those were published starting in 2000 so are too recent to be what I’m thinking of.  Help please?

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  1. Gill

    This is ‘Hooray for Chocolate’


    The rhyme is listed on the page, just replace the remembered ‘hate’ with ‘hope’. Published around 1960.

    I hope the dope
    Who thought up soap
    has to eat it.
    I repeat it: Eat it!

    There are a handful of copies listed on bookfinder.com, although auction sites may throw up so ething cheaper.



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