360Q: Picture Book about a farm with huge vegetables (Solved!)

This is a larger-format picture book, in full color, with illustrations that cover most/all of each page.  I read it in the early- to mid-80’s.  There’s a farmer who grows vegetables and something happens to his farm where he starts growing GIGANTIC vegetables.  There’s a bad guy (I think he’s dressed in a black suit and might have a black top hat?) who wants to get his hands on the farm or the stuff that makes the farm miraculous.  I can’t remember if the thing that makes the vegetables big starts to affect the farmer’s kids or not?
Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “360Q: Picture Book about a farm with huge vegetables (Solved!)

  1. Amy

    There is a book with gorgeous illustrations of gigantic vegetables called “June 29, 1999” by David Wiesner. There is no bad guy or sinister plot, but the townspeople cannot figure out where the mysterious vegetables came from. Funny surprise ending!


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