360L: Abandoned Lake House

The book I vaguely remember had something to do with a child or maybe siblings going to spend the summer with an elderly aunt (I think) who was living on a lake where most of the houses were abandoned. It had once been a vibrant summer community ca. 1900 (I think), but was now mostly deserted sans aunt’s household. There may or may not have been a mystery component to it. I think I read it around 4th grade maybe ca. 1977?

8 thoughts on “360L: Abandoned Lake House

  1. DB

    This sounds similar to Goneaway Lake by Elizabeth Enright. A boy and girl cousin discover a mostly abandoned summer community. An elderly brother and sister returned to live there.

  2. Kirsten Donaldson Wheal

    I’ve read both Magic by the Lake and Gone-Away Lake recently, and I too think it’s the latter. The community in Magic by the Lake is still pretty active.


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