357C: 70s Purple Dragon (Solved!)

I was in elementary school in the 70s and I remember reading what I think was an early chapter book series with a boy and his purple dragon/dinosaur/monster. The illustrations in my memory were very minimalist and had a Quentin Blake feel to them but I’ve researched Quentin Blake’s work and don’t see it listed. The dragon/dinosaur/monster was very tall, definitely purple, and walked on two legs. I have a vivid memory of the boy riding on its shoulders. I don’t remember anything about the plot except they seemed somewhat surreal (maybe?) so I don’t know if the creature was real or imaginary. It’s possible the series was school literature only (not mass market published).

4 thoughts on “357C: 70s Purple Dragon (Solved!)

  1. Laura Woods

    Possibly the Bowmar Monster book series? Or the The Dragon Riders of Pern book series by Anne McCaffrey?

    1. Adam Stockman

      Yes! That’s it! Oh, my goodness this is amazing! Thank you all so much! I went on to Quentin Blake’s website because I was sure he was the illustrator but those books were not there. As soon as I saw the covers the memories flooded back! This has been bugging me forever and now I am going to order all of them!

  2. Lenona

    Guess what else? She apparently is living in New Canaan, Connecticut, at age 90! Quentin Blake is still around too – at 88.


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