354W: Eating sugar on snow (Solved!)

I’m looking for a book that I thought was written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, and that I thought was called The Four Seasons. After much googling, I now doubt both author/illustrator and title.
Pale yellow cover, vertical orientation.
Published before 1985.
At the end of the book, the children eat sugar on snow.
Neither A Time to Keep nor Around the Year looks like my book.
Thank you for your help!

7 thoughts on “354W: Eating sugar on snow (Solved!)

  1. Sarah

    Tasha Tudor’s Five Senses? First Delights? Kids do eat maple sugar on snow in A Time to Keep, but it happens at the beginning of the book, in March.

  2. Ann

    Possibly Tasha Tudor: Seasons of Delight: A Year on an Old-Fashioned Farm.

    There is a picture-book by Susan Dingman Watson: Sugar on Snow (1964). But it does not feature all four seasons.


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