354U: Farm Town Gradually Turns Into City

I don’t know the title of this book, I had it as a child. It was a picture book that depicted a city (I believe American) as it changed through the decades. It started as a farm town and then buildings continued to be added. It had a similar feel as Annos counting book. I hope you can help me with the name, I’ve been searching for it for years.

6 thoughts on “354U: Farm Town Gradually Turns Into City

  1. Kelly W

    Most llikely The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. But there’s a similar Australian title by Jeanne Baker. (I can’t rembeber the title though.)

  2. ANN

    Though I don’t recall the author or title, I saw a similar book in a London bookstore some decades ago, too. You wouldn’t have confused it with an American city as the central feature was a castle and later a medieval cathedral, eventually surrounded by the buildup of modern life.

  3. Molly Patton

    I own two books that might fit this description. They’re from 2001 & 2002 and are part of a series called “Fast Forward”. One is “Wild West” and the other is “The Story Of A City.” They were published by Orpheus Books.

  4. Sue

    Possibly ‘After the War” by Bob Kerr?
    “Looking carefully at the illustrations, one can see new buildings going up – a city developing in the background, and planes and cars changing and becoming more modern as the years go by. For the family, there are marriages, babies and losses…”
    Window by Jeannie Baker

  5. Jennifer Shapp

    Possibly “Story of an English Village” by John Goodall? This is not American though – but it shows the change from rural to urban over centuries.


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