350U: Buddhist Quest Starring a Monkey (Solved!)

This is a book from (I'm guessing) the early 90s. It's a comic book re-telling of the famous "Journey to the West." It's a Buddhist story about a monkey that is born in an amethyst geode. The monkey makes friends in a pig, a tiger, and maybe a dragon and they all have adventures. A big part of their quest involves a Buddhist monk Tripitaka and sacred scriptures. They meet several demons and bodhisattvas along the way. It was a relatively thin hardcover. I do remember something about a "Purple Monkey" but cannot be sure. My sister and I loved reading it 🙂

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  1. Nikhil Anand

    FOUND IT (I’m the one who asked)! It’s called “Adventures of the Magic Monkey Along the Silk Roads” by Evelyn Nagai-Berthong and Anker Odum. It was commissioned by the Royal Ontario Museum in the 80s (not the 90s as I’d remembered) as part of an exhibit on The Silk Road.

    * ISBN 10: 088854300X
    * ISBN 13: 9780888543004

    I tried various Google keyword searches and finally saw the cover! Hope this helps someone else. Would love to purchase it via your store; please let me know if and when you have it in stock <3 Thank you!


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