349U: Specific Edition Flower Fairies of the Garden

I am looking for the specific edition of a book I read repeatedly as a child. It was a Cicely Mary Barker book, pretty sure it was Flower Fairies of the Garden. It was a small book, with a mostly white cover. I’m not sure the cover illustration. It had to have been published before 1992. It might have been part of a set. The first poem in the book was The Forget-me-not Fairy that begins something like “Where do fairy babies lie/til they’re old enough to fly/here’s a likely place I think/midst these flowers blue and pink”. Other fairies in this edition included Scilla, Geranium, and Sweet Pea. I have purchased at least five different printings of this book, and none has included the forget-me-not fairy. Can you help?

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  1. Ginny

    It’s in The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies (Warne, 1996) in the section Flower Fairies of the Garden, so it’s obviously been in some editions – odd that it’s not all of them though! In the Introduction it says that it features ‘all the Flower Fairies from the current editions of Cicely Mary Barker’s books’ so possibly you need an edition from the late 90s. Hope that helps!


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