347R: Kids hunt for a treasure at a lake only to find it’s confederate money (Solved!)

I read the book in grade school in the early 80's.

I remember it’s a mystery book where kids visiting a lake look for a treasure.  In the end, the treasure turns out to be worthless confederate money.  One scene I remember vividly:  The boy is tricked by the girl to swim to the bottom of the lake with his snorkel and look up.  She claims it’s a beautiful view.  When he does so, the protective valve on the snorkel opens and water floods into his mouth.

I also seem to recall a dragon on the lake at night, but it’s made of paper and burns up from the candles used to illuminate it.  It is possible, however, that this memory might be from another book…

4 thoughts on “347R: Kids hunt for a treasure at a lake only to find it’s confederate money (Solved!)

  1. Sue

    The Mad Scientist’s Club by Bertrand R Brindley has a paper ‘Sea Monster” that I think gets burnt up on a Lake and also has some treasure found by a Confederate Gun?
    I think in the next chapter

    There are more books in the series…

  2. Ann

    I think this may be one of the long series of ‘The Three Investigators’ books, of which the first books are by Robert Arthur, and later books by other authors. I am not sure which of the many titles this is, though.

  3. Greg

    I’m the original poster. Sue, I followed up on your comment and “The Strange Sea Monster of Strawberry Lake” is DEFINITELY the dragon story I remember. I must have blended at least one other book into this one, though, since the treasure and the snorkel don’t seem to be part of the Mad Scientist series. Well, half of the mystery solved! Thank you!!!!!


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