346Y: Medieval Girl Watches Battle Out of Castle Window

The book was older and faded back in the early 90s, the art reminded me of the style of Stephen Kings Dark tower. It was found at a school library in the older kids/adult section and was defending fiction. The cover had a young girl with a solemn look in a red medieval dress sitting at a castle window. I remember something about a war or battle and it may have even been what she was watching out the window. I also remember a tilted drafting type table or needlework stand beside the girl. I was 9 when I started to read it and was told it was “too old” for me so it was taken before I could read more than the first couple of chapters. 

1 thought on “346Y: Medieval Girl Watches Battle Out of Castle Window

  1. Marisa

    Long shot, but maybe ‘The Nine Days Queen’ by Karleen Bradford. Some of the covers are a partial match, and I can see the premise being considered a bit much for kids. (Ann Rinaldi’s ‘Nine Days a Queen’ is another possibility, based on the same historical events.)


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