346B: Search for Children’s Anthology with Precious Few Details

I am (and have long been) searching for a children’s anthology I read and re-read as a child in the early 1960’s.  With the passage of time, my memories of the book have faded, but here’s what I still remember:  The book had both stories and poems, with some illustrations.  It had a chapter which, if I recall correctly, was called “From Baffin Bay to Patagonia.”  There was a story about Snowshow Thompson delivering the mail.  I recall a poem by Carl Sandberg and maybe a story about Abe Lincoln.  The binding was grey or brown, and I do not recall the binding having illustrations.  I wish I could remember more, but alas, I cannot.  Hope you can help.  I would love to re-discover the book.

2 thoughts on “346B: Search for Children’s Anthology with Precious Few Details

  1. Susan Hellings

    I don’t know if we’re looking for the same book but we might be. Do you recall if it also had a short story about a girl making a sunshine cake with her grandmother? The girl and her cousins have a party with the grandmother.

    1. Stew Cogan


      I don’t remember all of the stories in the book I’m looking for, but that one doesn’t ring any bells.

      Stew Cogan

  2. Heather Steinmiller

    Could it be part of The Children’s Hour anthology? I have 16 books, all kinds of stories in different categories – Heroes & Leaders; Along Blazed Trails; From Many Lands; Stories of Long Ago, etc. Published 1953

  3. Heather

    Possibly “The Children’s Hour” anthology? 16 books, stories from different authors split into categories: Leaders & Heroes; Tales From Many Lands; School Days, etc.

  4. Gill

    It may well be “The Brave and Free” by Nolen, Barbara; Stein, Harvé, Published 1942

    It contains:
    a) some stories/poems, under a sub-heading “From Baffin Bay to Patagonia”
    b) a short story by Carl Sandburg ‘A Rootabaga Story”
    c) a longer story about Thompson
    d) a short poem about Lincoln

    Limited access will allow you to check the book…


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