345X: Mean Girl At Boarding School Hurts Heroine’s Horse

I’m looking for a book from the 60s about a girl who attends a horse boarding school because her father works for the school. One of the other students is a “mean girl” who injures the heroine’s favorite horse because of carelessness/overconfidence. I think the title is “——— Farm” but I can’t remember all of it.

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  1. Susan

    Crofton Meadows by Joan Houston …. this is the Kirkus Review for the book

    Sheila Michaelson’s association with Crofton Meadows, an exclusive girls’ school, was via the stable, for her father operated the riding academy on the campus. An unexpected scholarship comes through and she accepts it with misgivings soon borne out by the snobbish demeanor of Lorraine, whose story book life and superior horsemanship presented a great threat to Sheila. But before long, Lorraine’s mistreatment of people, her perfectionist attitudes, indiscriminate flirtations and subsequent- ownership of Sheila’s favorite filly contribute to her general unpopularity. Yet when the girl is exposed for the fraud she is, Sheila recognizes her pathetic pleas for attention and offers her sympathy and friendship saving her from expulsion.


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